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Candice LaRae via pinfall: After early topes from both women, LaRae busted open her nose, which visibly slowed her down during the match.

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Adam still maintains that Tim Tebow could have

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Lee missed a second-rope moonsault, and Fish hit a Samoan drop on him for a two count.

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The 25 Hottest WWE Wrestlers of All Time

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Hot match that showcased how talented these two are in the ring, and a nice finish that gave Grimes a clean win while continuing another feud.

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Lee took out O'Reilly with a one-arm powerbomb, and it was Riddle's turn for a hot tag with exploder suplexes, Bro Tons and deadlift German suplexes.

Description: Daddy's going to war," he said, insinuating a WarGames match between Undisputed Era and the face trio -- presumably with Velveteen Dream as the fourth man. Before she could get to the ring, Shirai attacked her from behind.

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