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You can compare the BPM of whatever you find to the one Rephlex advertised

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Not using that style, of course, but perverting it; tearing it apart, ripping out the soul of the musical methods and styles involved and making it his own, making it wholly a part of the Aphex Twin, with only the vaguest echo of what was originally there.

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That's a lot of hype and speculation to live up to, and often enough the only solution to a situation like that is to flatly refuse to go along.

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AFX - Analord 01 FLAC album

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It hops forward, skips sideways and twirls around, pops up in surprising places.

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Not copying or paying tribute to others in any way, but destroying; slashing out the heart of a genre, and recording the digital screams as it falls dead to the ground.

Description: Basically, his record company owned the name Prince, and he wanted out of his partnership, but he had always be Prince, and always wanted to keep the name Prince.

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